The Gallery at The Ariel Centre recently hosted SCOPE the latest exhibition of drawings from BA Drawing at Falmouth School of Art. It is their first exhibition to feature work by practitioners from all levels of the course, students alumni and staff. The name SCOPE implies breadth and range but also a certain analytical focus and narrowness of mandate. These qualities have become hallmarks of drawing practices developed at Falmouth in that there is always a wide range of approaches and solutions to the seemingly narrow territory of lines on paper in evidence.

A number Totes Foundation students have gone on to the BA Drawing course at Falmouth and two of our current Artists in Residence are graduates from the course.

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Bruce Timson showing a group of our Foundation students around the exhibition at The Ariel Centre.


On Monday 17th November we took most of the Foundation students to Falmouth for a tour of the studios and had a series of talks by staff in various disciplines including Fine Art, Photography, Architecture, Illustration and Textiles.


Foundation students in front of the fabulous new Graphic Design studio At Falmouth School of Art