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artist statement

The only thing I can say for almost certain is my practice is contemporary.

Opportunism is my pedestal. A continuum of running with what I have, milking what I have, it then exploiting what I have. Taking a holistic approach. To revel in being a jack-of-all-trades, a buy-product of seeking novelty. Never say never; always say always.

The Other always breathing down my neck. Her name is Miss Communication. Turning a pun into a twist between logistical and physical. If it is not entertaining me, then it is not working me. Being earnestly playful. In an attempt to speak coherently with my tongue in my cheek.

It would be really difficult for a former student to do an Artist-in-Residency at Totnes Art Foundation without remembering their own foundation experience.   It would only be natural to have recollections and re-live experiences, to be in a similar environment, for a similar reason, for a similar amount of time.

I want to re-engage with the foundation experience as a Fine Art graduate during the Artist-in-Residency.  Combining traditional formal language skills with a contemporary fine art practice.

The skills that will be honed will be observational drawing skills, to gain a thorough understanding of colour and repetition as development of texture.  These skills will be used to explore ideas of the Logical, Language in its Linguistic form, Site-Specificity and its relationship Installation arts practice.