harriet billingham

harriet billingham





artist statement

You can visit Harriet’s website here: http://hbbdrawing.tumblr.com

Drawing is always the main focus of my work as this is how I see and capture the natural world. I observe the unseen and go through an experimental process, which is driven, by a variety of mediums. Creating an aesthetic illusion through my work fascinates me.

By always capturing first hand information, I have been drawn into organic forms. This later developed into my final degree project to natural forms and studying how rocks, minerals and organic forms connect. I wanted to use drawing to describe different types of growth and evolution.  Which led to creating a series of drawings with an abstract illusion of our natural world. This was through a language that I had developed through out my degree with printmaking, collage, sting maquettes, observational drawing, digital drawing and photograms. In my exhibition I displayed two grids of drawings, which were selected from a process led scientific investigation. Each drawing was labeled describing its form.

Within my work at the moment I have focused on ‘line’ within landscape. I have done a series of case studies in Cornwood and Stover woods, studying dense spaces and how I observe drawing through lined compositions. Photography has aided this practice to start with to fix certain compositions. Three people whom inspired my work are Jeremy Gardiner, Olsen Zander, Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll Who are all different in mediums but relate in subject matter.