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megan robbins




artist statement

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I am constantly drawn to the formal elements of a design more so than the subject matter itself; I am fixated upon composition, line, texture and mark making.

My obsession with line and texture in particular has led me towards surfaces of decay and destruction, scarring and wounds.  War documentary and photojournalism have steered me toward human conflict and impacts of war on surrounding landscapes. My final BA Photography work subconsciously addressed my personal discomforts and anxieties of photographing a military subject; I came to terms with my personal fixation with the subject of military institutions and war photography, by documenting local military training grounds from a deliberately distanced perspective.

I am currently addressing the decay of used quarries. As with my degree work, the geographical mapping of these locations both fuels my contextual studies and practical experimentations. I have developed from a purely photographic perspective, to using drawing and printing collectively. I am subconsciously aware of the handling of materials, which stems from my previous exploration of alternative film processes at degree level.

My exploration of contemporary documentary photography is channelled through systematic and scientific methodologies; the essence of control and precision, from initial research right through to the completion of ideas, is important to me. I collect, record and conscientiously consider different media. This allows me to think almost objectively but yet still very intensely about my study.